2 New RootsBJJ black belts!

Big congrats to the senior citizens of the team, Brad Patterson and Fabio Glazer, who both received their well deserved black belts from Paulo last night.

Well done!!!

wow, gradings on a Sunday..

Was a team bonding thing, just after church.

Also, congrats Greame Berkman and the monster Steffan Kreig on their purple belts.

well overdue for stefan imo

Congrats to all the belt getters, nice one!

having trained with both brad and fabio i can't find any other guys more deserving then these two.

congrats to both brad and fabio.

congrats to both fabio and brad. i've known both these guys for a long time and definately a long time coming. top stuff

Congrats to both guys! Great to see Brad get the BB, he's a gentleman and has been one of the elder statesmen of the BJJ community for years in Sydney.


Congratulations to everyone :)


- Juggs




Im really proud of these friends!!! Really, what an awesome acheivement!!!

Congratulations,awesome achievement, but it's even more awesome to see great comraderie at other gyms as well.

Congrats to both.