2 ?s for the ug

  1. after last nights forrest fight does anyone else think forrest is shot?? i was seriously so sad for him after the loss i wanted him to win but knew anderson would destroy him. mad props to forrest for taking the fight but man istill feel bad he went out like that. hes still relatively young but i think hes had to many wars i hope dana and am sure he will take care of him from here on out i hope forrest comes back even better.
    2. do you guys thing ricardo almeida will ever be close to the championship at whatever weightg class he decides on??i am a big fan but he seems hesitant with his hands i think his striking is his weakness that will stop him from acvhieving greatness imo. i hope he continues to work hard at his game i wish him more successs would love to see him hit the bigtime.

    on top of that the fight card pretty much sucked balls thatw as one of the most boring events ever hence anderson getting fight of the night .
  1. Probably seen his best days as a fighter.
    2. No.
  1. no
    2. no

another thing after lastg nights fight the only fight thatmakes sense to me is rampage vs anderson how sick would that be.

Forrest is basically the rodeo clown of mma. Whenever you have a boring show you can always throw him in the mix to get beat up in embarrassing fashion and give the crowd a few laughs.

harsh words eagle the guy comes to fight at least still feel bad for him man

forrest was never really anything special, just a tough brawler. when he gets beat its usually pretty bad, he has had some decent performances against other brawlers, but once someone is superior technically he just doesnt have an answer.

i dont think almeida will be a champ. hes good but hes just not good enough to beat the best in MMA.

 1. Nah, I think Forrest is still very marketable and can still hang with most of the LHW division. Forrest wasn't the first fighter to be clowned by Silva and he won't be the last.

I'm not a big fan of Silva but he's so good on his feet that he makes other professionals look like amateurs when they try to stand and bang with him.

2. No

I can't think of anyone as good as Silva at stand up in any weight class. He is so amazingly fluid.

thats the amazing thing about silva he makes good fighters look so bad what does that really say about the overall talent in the ufc?? i think the quotes about the hype machine for some fighters is true alot of fighters in the ufc arent as good as the hype machine leads you to belivee.