2 Ways to look at Chuck vs.Jardine

1-True fans of MMA are getting ripped off. There are so many other potent contenders out there, and we are getting Chuck vs. a guy who just got his ass mauled. For those who want to see Chuck take on someone like Arona or Shogun, we are getting a major raw deal as die-hard fans.

2-Dana did the only thing he can do. Why? Vanderlei will be ready later in the year, so you basically have to put Chuck against someone that won't pose a serious threat. Putting Chuck against a popular guy like Jardine will sell tickets to TUF fans and provide Chuck a big stage to get back on the winning track. Lastly, it will build momentum for the Silva matchup.

Two ways to look at it.

I'm looking at it as #2. He's credible enough to sell seats yet not enough to put the Chuck Wandy match in jeopardy.

I would rather see him fight Wilson Gouvea who would put up a much better fight. There aren't that many guys available (Shogun is fighting Machida taking them out of the equation).

Man it would be awesome if Jardine KOs Chuck. Dana remarks about Pride would ring in his ears.

I can't see this as anything other than a horrible mismatch. All things can happen, but they are not in the same league.

hey i'm all for jardine pulling off the upset. just so dana could lick his own ass. he sets up matches to favor his employees that get paid the most. I hope he loses and chack's stock drops. nothing against chack because he more than proved himself, this is a hope for dana.

it's pretty normal to give an ex champ a tune up after they just got their arse handed. Suprised it isn't a total no-name.

Also gives Jardine the chance to really get back in the mix, or puts him out to WEC depending on the result.

If #2 were the reasoning, they should have matched Chuck up against Forrest. He's an even bigger name than Jardine, a TUF winner who was popular with the TUF audience and who won on the first season when Chuck was a coach. Chuck-Forrest would have at least had more glamor to it and drawn more curious interest.

Yeah, Forrest lost to Jardine but Jardine just got demolished by Houston Alexander. Matching Chuck up against Alexander would have made a hell of a lot more sense, too.

Jardine does absolutely nothing for Chuck. It's a no-win situation.

There are a few things wrong with this fight. Dana said that PRIDE ruined the mystique of some of their top fighters. Chuck only has a few fights left in him and they should all be against top tier opponents to cement his legacy.

I dont get the whole Wand thing, I thought it was that Wand turned down the Sept. fight and said yes to it for November. Now wasnt Dana in an interview not so long ago talking about how Chuck wont fight again till November?

Chuck should fight Wand, Shogun or Arona for a shot at the winner of Hendo and Rampage. I dont wanna see Chuck riding off into the sunset with a string of KO losses to TUF guys.


Good point.

so wait. this is happening now?

i thought chuck/wand was just pushed a month back?