20/20 ringside ring for sale

I would like to let everyone know that I am selling a 20 by 20 ringside boxing ring in excellent condition for $5000, If you are interested e-mail me betiss@creditbay.com or call me 909-994-8895

Thanks, Betiss


You are getting rid of it??

it's for one of rick's, he said if I sell it he'll give me a comission.



I can buy a brand new one from title boxing for around three. maybee less. think you come down a bit I might be interested.

Were do you live?

XakumaX - Rancho cucamonga Ca,

madsexy1 - Is it 20 by 20?

ya its 20 by 20 . 16 feet inside ropes. I was quoted at 3200, but I get a school discount from them and could probably get it a little cheaper. this includes everything but the wood.

madsexy- Give me a call and we'll negotiate the price, the ring isn't mine, it's a freinds and Im sure if you can show that it's worth less he would give it to you for less

thats kinda high
ringside sells new rings for that.

I'll let him know

Actually this ring is 24ft and 20ft inside the ropes!

Ringside sells the same ring for $5500-

I have a 20/20 ringside I will sell for $2500 including the wood it is 1year old if intrested.. grapple@hotmail.com

they sell it foe $5500 without the wood

now I have to check my funds.