200 Prelims, best ever?

best card eva

I can see them being pretty shitty, most ppl find Mousasi boring, Lauzon-Sanchez will be sad, as will Gomi-Miller Phone Post 3.0

The whole card is stacked. I'm looking forward to about every fight. I don't remember the last time that's happened. Phone Post 3.0

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Clarence Parents - 
GUMBY ? - Was there ever a Pride card as good? Phone Post 3.0


This is the single greatest card on paper bar none in the history of all combat sports. It trumps all of the PRIDE and UFCs, and there hasn't been a boxing or K1 card of this caliber that came close.

I just pray to God I can stay sober enough to be coherent by the time the main events roll in.

i agree u can for sure say its the best card ever but for me the Pride Grand Prix finals tourney was right up there and the Ultimate Ultimates but this UFC 200 card is legandary as well