2006 - Fall of the heros

This year all of the unbeatable MMA heros will fall. So far...






Silva fell last year.

The only one left is Fedor.

Gomi - legit loss, but look for him to come back strong from it

Shogun - fluke

Penn - I considered St. Pierre the favorite going into the fight

Mir - always overrated

Arlovski - fluke

Silva fell last year. - a BS decision to hunt, laid on by Arona

The only one left is Fedor. - he will not fall

Fedor can never lose. He wasn't programed to

Mir is not overrated! 

I really want a gomi rematch


and fedor will not lose

lol@"he was not programmed to"

it's true!

"Mir is not overrated!"

Loss Marcio Cruz TKO (Strikes) UFC 57-Liddell vs Couture 3 2/4/2006 1 4:10

Win Tim Sylvia Technical Submission (Armbar) UFC 48-Payback 6/19/2004 1 0:50

Win Wes Sims KO (Strikes) UFC 46-Supernatural 1/31/2004 2 4:21

Win Wes Sims DQ (Kicking a Downed Opponent) UFC 43-Meltdown 6/6/2003 1 2:55

Win David Abbott Submission (Toe Hold) UFC 41-Onslaught 2/28/2003 1 0:46

Loss Ian Freeman TKO UFC 38-Brawl at the Hall 7/13/2002 1 4:35

Win Pete Williams Submission (Shoulder Lock) UFC 36-Worlds Collide 3/22/2002 1 0:46

Win Roberto Traven Submission (Armbar) UFC 34-High Voltage 11/2/2001 1 1:05

Win Dan Quinn Submission (Triangle Choke) IFC WC 15-Warriors Challenge 15 8/31/2001 1 2:15

Win Jerome Smith Decision HOOKnSHOOT-Showdown 7/14/2001 2 5:00

Right. He's beaten such notables and lost to such champions.

"Man, its going to be crazy when/if Fedor loses. I just hope everyone doesn't act all stupid and say he was overrated and shit, everyone knows thats not true"

They won't, because Fedor won't go down to a grazing right hand, or get taken down and dominated and choked out, or just stop fighting hard in a match and lose a decision.

Fedor has shown with his past performances, that if and when he does lose, he is going down with one hell of a fight.

Fedor is the terminator!

good thread though

Frank is my boyfriend.  Leave him alone!


Not to mentioned the completion of the 'fall of Couture'.

"The only one left is Fedor."

What about Hughes?.......

Fedor will lose eventually, everyone does, its the nature of the game. No shame in a loss.

What about the triumphant return of Yves Edwards?

"What about Hughes?....... "-he was pimped slapped and choked out by BJ a while ago.

"Frank is my boyfriend. Leave him alone! "

I thought Frank was married with a kid?

you put two people in a ring, one of them will lose (unless its a draw offcourse...). Just the way it is