2006 = most upsets in MMA?

Here we are not even into May and there have been so many crazy upsets. I cant think of any other year in MMA off the top of my head that had this many upsets this far into the year.

So, is 2006 gonna be the biggest year for upsets in MMA?

Also, which one was the biggest in your opinion?

Aurelio over Gomi or Hominick over Yves, I'm divided

Hominick over Yves was pretty huge.

But I agree that Aurelio/Gomi is #1. I mean, people were calling Gomi the #1 P4P fighter in the world, and Aurelio was ranked low on the top 10 rankings at lightweight.

Aurelio/Gomi for sure.

Also because we've already had as many UFC events this year as all of 2004 alone.


Royce over Hughes and Shamrock over Tito next?

There have also been upsets in the smaller shows...

Jason Black/Shonie Carter comes to mind

Overeem/Sergei was pretty shocking.

Clayton Guida's win over Josh Thompson (at the "Strikeforce" event in San Jose, CA) was also a big upset (and arguably one of the best fights this year so far).

Is there even a debate on which one is biggest, wtf?

Gomi was #1 with a f'in bullet in his weight class. Although Hominick was coming up from 145, Yves was coming off a loss, lets not forget, let alone the fact that he was far the #1 LW.

Still, with Aurelio/Gomi, Hominick/Yves, Sylvia/AA, PDP/Mir, its sure been a fast and furious start to an upset year.

Coleman/Shogun doesnt count neither does Overeem/Sergei ully legit in my books.

Baroni over Kondo and GSP over BJ were pickem fights.

"Clayton Guida's win over Josh Thompson (at the "Strikeforce" event in San Jose, CA) was also a big upset (and arguably one of the best fights this year so far)."

It's funny how this has become forgotten already. I forgot about it. That's a massive upset, for sure.

Hominick over Yves

Coleman over Shogun

Carter over Black

Aurelio over Gomi

Sylvia over Arlovski

Guida over Thompson

Baroni over Kondo

De Pano over Mir

Its the year of the upset. Could Gracie pull off one of the biggest this year? I doubt it.

Sure has been exciting but disappointing too... Yves losing was a personal heart breaker.

Baroni winning is pretty unusual.

"Two things here. Aurelio vs Gomi. Not an upset."

  • Oh, god, please with that shit. That doesnt imply that Aurelio isnt/wasnt any good but he was barely ranked in the top 10 fighting the undisputed #1 guy that had been decapitating everyone he faced.

"Never thought Gomi was all that!"

  • Doesnt matter what you think, repeat: he was the undisputed #1 guy while Aurelio was barely ranked top 10 at the time and who's biggest win up that point was debatedly between Nakao and Rich Clementi.

"Baroni is a superstar" ...sometimes.

"His big mouth just gets him in trouble too much" ...as does his td defense, lack of gameplans, or ability to look/fight lost if he doesnt win the fight in the opening minutes...

Lets not forget about Guida's loss I think less than a month before he fought Thomson.

It would be funny if you added Minowa - CroCop to the list of upsets.

how about jason guida's win over marvin eastman

Tristen Yunker over Clay Guida was a big upset too.

LOL, don't forget Diaz over Riggs in the HOSPITAL.

1 upset so far...Gomi losing....this is not even a contest