2007 Aajrn Chai Muay Thai Seminars

The Thai Boxing Association, headed by Ajarn Chai Sirisute, is getting ready for the New Year. This is approximately the 30th year for Ajarn Chai on the seminar circuit, so if you haven't caught one yet, here is your chance to plan ahead.

If you have any questions contact the TBA Office: 310-834-2724

Ajarn Chai's 2007 *Scheduled Seminars/Camps/Workshops/Tours
*Note:  Dates subject to change or cancel without notice -- Contact the Host for confirmation

February 3-4 St. Louis, MO David Rawlings / Dan Baker 636-577-7230 or 314-808-2018
Feb.12th - Mar. 25th 6 week Seminar Tour  AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND / NEW SO. WALES Brad Casey / Paul Grima 02-9688-3197 or 0417446438
Mar. 31st - April 1st Rosemere, QC. CANADA Norm Grimard 450-437-4114
April 7-8 Easter Observance
April 14-15 Baltimore, MD Scott Anderson 410-750-9711
April 21-22 Minneapolis, MN Rick Faye 612-821-6800
April 28-29 Virginia Beach, VA Frank Cucci 757-495-7070
May 5-6  Atlanta, GA Francis Fong 770-623-8090
May 12-13 Rome, ITALY Nino Pilla 39-333-350-3736
May 14-15 Wilsele-Leuven, BELGUIM Joffrey Hion 0032-16-29-1551
May 19-20 New York, NY Luigi Cuellar / Alex Chan 718-747-2550
May 26-27 Santa Fe, NM Natalie Roy 505-473-4000
June 2-3 Portland, OR Leonard Trigg 503-590-1667
June 7-8-9-10th LA CA Camp Los Angeles, CA Dan Inosanto 310-578-7773
June 16-17 Detroit, MI David Hatch 734-981-1774
June 23-24 Dayton, OH Jeff Brown 937-435-5500
June 30th – July 1st Streamwood, IL Peter Farias/Tim Tokarz 815-468-6755 or Cell 847-877-8851
July 7-8 Seattle, WA Chris Clarke 253-838-1414
July 14-15 Irvine, CA Daniel Sullivan 949-833-8338
July 27- 31st TBA Camp Salem OR / Oregon Camp By Invitation Only 310-834-2724
August 4-5 Juneau, AK Geoff Brock 425-451-9973
August 11-12 Lexington, KY Scott Elliot 859-623-8023
August 18-19 Winchester, VA Mike Boyd 540-723-9700
August 25-26 Salt Lake City, UT Will Bernales 801-792-2912
September 1-2 Tulsa, OK Eric Jensen 918-627-8866
September 8-9 Dallas, TX Raymond Crow 214-728-9124
Sept. 15-16-17th Princeton, NJ Rick Tucci 609-452-2208
September 22-23 Atlanta, GA Francis Fong 770-623-8090
September 29-30 Monterey, MEXICO Julio Gamboa 011-5281-8358-7892
October 6-7 Evansville, IN Jeff Westfall 812-422-1980
October 13-14 Charlotte, NC Dick Harrell 704-619-2024
October 20-21 Ottawa, ONT. CANADA Bob Carver 613-233-6981
October 27-28 Northampton, ENGLAND Ewen Campbell 078-5043-4345
November 3-4 Miami, FL Dwight Woods 305-595-2892
November 10-11 Philadelphia, PA Don Garon /Jeff Jones 404-452-4527
November 17-18 Hannover, GERMANY Ralf Beckmann 011 (49) 511-371255
November 19-20 BELGUIM Jacques Apfel 0035-26-6166-0225
November 21-22 Livange, LUXEMBORG Dan Lonero 011 (35) 22-651-2254
November 24-25 Heidelberg, GERMANY Bob Dubljanin 06-221-893-6838
December 1-2 Washington, DC Pat Tray 703-490-2425


He does this every year. (30 years) Literally every Thursday he gets on a plane, does a weekend Seminar and every Monday he gets on a plane and goes home to CA. He was doing this schedule pretty much when I met him back in 1983.

He doesnt really have a weekends off except for some holidays.

Cool - maybe I can attend the Philly one - thanks for posting!

Hey Tulsa,

Hows Sam doing?

Apparently, he's very busy and for good Reason. The Guy is AMAZING.

Hey Daredevil,

I'm just going on what I'm told. I think they left it as DC as to be in a general area.

But thanks for the clarification.

Dave Rogers

Just want the list of gyms, he he.

hmmm sorry to troll but Saekson Janjira > Ajarn

LOL No trolling Vengence, I've trained with Saekson, Matee, Bunkerd, Gunyao, Saksem, and a couple that escape my mind right now and I have never heard anyone call them, or them insist on anyone calling them Ajarn.

Chai turns 60 this year so I beleive he has earned the title, considering he has dedicated over half his life dispensing Muay Thai to the western masses.


eh I guess Im just loyal to my teaches teacher. And Chai is affiliated with a place I used to train at and am not very partial to anymore. I was groomed to be a thai pad champ....not a fighter. I felt like i was cheated for my money.

Matee is hella fun to watch. Super nice as well.
Im biased/ My apologies. lol



Understood, the MA's are full of stories like that. I've had my share for sure, lost a little money and some friends along the way I'm sure. (and I agree Saekson is awesome, I wish I lived around him)

It's been important for me to understand that to some people that is all they want is to kick a pad. Others have to search for the right mix, right group, its a free world. I just get along, try to have a good time and stay healthy.

Thanks Adamsfighter, yeah the last time I think I saw him is when I reffed one of his fights.




ttt 4 l8r


What the fight scene like down in OK? How many shows do you have a year?

And your screen name, thinking about changing now?  TTTFighter, maybe?


Just giving you some $hit.


whats OMA's thai like