2007 was a great year for UFC

i remember shortly after 2007 alot of people on this forum were saying that boxing had a bigger year than the UFC. Boxing did have a great year, but still didnt come close to the UFC....this video proves it. (im not talking about profit and ratings, im talking about entertainment for fans)

2007: year of the upset


oh yea, this is the best UFC Highlight video of the year...


some blissful blue name really needs to embed this video

 Nice video, I'm not a fan of the seasonal song choice though.

 I also don't consider all those fights upsets.

haha, i made it around christmas time....I had a big UFC 79 Party and I showed this video along with a bunch of full fights to get the crowd hyped up.....and i had just got back from a TSO concert.

bonersaurus -  I also don't consider all those fights upsets.

yeah, the video title is misleading...i just wanted to make a year end highlight,...but 2007 was still the year of the upset