2008 Can. Freestyle/Combat Sambo

On April 20, 2008 the American Sambo Association will be co-sponsoring with the Canadian Combat Sambo Federation the annual 2008 Canadian Combat Sambo Challenge and Freestyle Sambo Open.
For rules and registration forms contact skoepfer@nyc.rr.com
This year we have combined these two events into a single tournament with 2 divisions. Athletes may enter one or both divisions (you must fill out a seperate registration for division).
As always, we recommend the Days Inn Downtown Hotel in the heart of downtown Montreal: http://www.daysinnmontreal.com/daysinn/hotel.htm
Athletes who place in this tournament will be eligable for our ASA North American Freestyle and Combat sambo Rankings and will earn points towards our ASA Master Sportsman Award:
Registration fees are $35 (Canadian) for one division, or $50 (Canadian) for two divisions.
ASA members who pre-register will recieve their member discounts.
Here is the highlight from last year:



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Hi all,

Here are the results. We had a good time up north as usual. The tournments were certainly eventful! Everyone fought their hearts out!!

There were six gyms represented:

Karate Sportif, Canada (Montreal)

Grizzly Gym, Canada (Ontario)

Club Kozak, Canada (Montreal)

Remix Dojo, USA (NY)

NY Combat Sambo, USA (NY)

Gladiator Academy. USA (Lousiana) - Doug Fournet could not compete due to an injury, but he did help us with officiating.

Here are the results with some comments about the fights...

2008 Canadian Freestyle Sambo Open:

66KG Division (best of three)

Gold: Mike Chesbro, Remix Dojo

Silver: Vincent Beurrier, NY Combat Sambo

This was an epic best of three match-up. Vincent won the first 4-0. Mike won the second 5-4. The third was 0-0 at the end of 6 minutes and they went a whopping 7:30 in overtime until the first point was scored...a 3 point shoot by Mike. These guys grappled their hearts out and had everyone on the edge of their seats. The 3rd match went a total of 13:30!!

74KG Division (5 Man division)

Gold: Reilly Bodycomb, NY Combat Sambo

Silver: Alex Bezouglov, Club Kozak

Bronze: Aslin Pierre, Club Kozak

4th plcae: Frederic Rioux, Karate Sportif

Reilly Bodycomb defeated Aslin Pierre in the first round via toe hold at 4:00 and Alex Bezouglov in the final via toe hold at 2:00

Alex Bezouglov defeated Keith Ryan Belen in the first round at 4:00 with a RNC. This was a great action packed match leading up to the RNC...much back and forth. In the second round he defeated Fredric (who had the buy to the semis) via Guillatine at :40. He lost to Reilly in the final.

Aslin defeated Keith in the second elim with a score of 4-3. Another great back and forth match. Then he defeated Fredric via a sweet gi choke from scarf at 5:50 for the bronze.

+96KG (5 man division)

Gold: Maxim Sedykh, NY Combat Sambo

Silver: Alexius Phoenix, NY Combat Sambo

Bronze: Mike Martelle, Grizzly Gym

4th Place: Marty Fransham, Club Kozak

Max recieved a buy to the semis as he was fighting up in weight. He defeated Mike Martelle in the semis with a 3-0 score and a sweet podvhat!. He defeated Alexius in the finals 3-2.

Alexius defeated Daniel Oovaut (Kozak) in the first round with an arm triangle at 2:30. Lost to max in the final.

Mike Martelle defeated Marty Framsham at 2:10 via shoulder lock in the quarter finals, lost to max in the semis, and defeated Marty again for 3rd place via arm lock at 1:45.

Marty Fransham defeated Daniel Oovaut in the second elim with an arm bar at 1:30. He lost to Martelle in the match for 3rd place.

2008 Canadian Combat Sambo Open

Ok...every fight ended via sub or TKO. Lots of blood folks...I really got a chance to use my first aid skills

82kg Division

Gold: Gilberto Luis Castillo, Remix Dojo

Silver: Keith Ryan-Belen, NY Combat Sambo

Since there were only two in this division, we decided to do a two round fight.

These guys stood and banged with each other!! Gil finally got top position and won via TKO due to G&P stikes at 3:15 of round one. No second round.

74kg Division (4 man division)

Gold: Alex Bezouglov, Club Kozak

Silver: Aslin Pierre, Club Kozak

Bronze: Charles Reina, Remix Dojo

4th Place: Frederic Rioux, Karate Sportif

First round...Aslin Pierre defeats Charles Reina via TKO at 4:30 and Alex Bezouglov defeats Frederic Rioux via TKO at 1:54.

For the final Alex defeated Aslin via Guillotine at :32

Charles and Frederic could not fight for 3rd due to their TKO losses. 3rd was awarded to Charles due to his better performance in the first round.

+96kg (3 man division)

Gold: Marty Fransham, Club Kozak

Silver: Mike Martelle, Grizzly Gym

Bronze: Daniel Oovaut, Club Kozak

Intended to be round robin (if no TKO or KO's were scored), Marty defeated Mike via TKO at 1:40. Marty defeated Daniel via TKO at :30.

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