2010 Mundials?

Anyone know where they're being held?


If the past few years are an indication- it will most likely be held in Long Beach, CA in late May/early June.

If you are asking about Masters/Seniors divisions, those world championships are held later in Brazil.

I had heard rumors of them being held in Japan but, IBJJF websites lists the dates and times for the 2010 tournaments leading up to and including the worlds. It says they will be in Long Beach, CA

Actually, I am asking about the Masters/Seniors...any more info?

Thanks a lot!

They are usually the 3rd or 4th weekend in July

Always in Rio?


Thanks for the help so far! Is there a specific website for the Masters/Seniors? I can't find anything on the IFBJJ website...thanks again!

the ibjjf site has info inthe leadup to the masters and seniors events, it might be too far out, seeing as it just happened in august this year

Thanks, man!