2013 the 2nd most memorable year in MMA history?

After its 1st year of existence - maybe.

- GSP takes "a leave"

- A. Silva KO'd cold

- J. Jones barely wins a fight many thought he lost

- GSP barely wins a fight...oh, just read what I wrote about J. Jones

- The emergence of women's MMA

- The epic battle between Hunt and Bigfoot

Important events like Pettis defeating B. Henderson for the title are almost forgotten footnotes this year. There were so many huge moments and announcements. I can't recall another year like it. And we haven't even gotten to the last big event of the year yet. Weidman may end up as the top P4P fighter in some people's eyes if he wins again.

Agree with my opinion of 2013, or am I exaggerating?

By 1st year of existence, I meant 1993 when the UFC began. Not technically the "1st year of MMA." My bad.

Might be on to something. I'd also say the re-emergence of old vets (Faber, Belfort, Barnett) was also one of my favorite things this year. And the Jones vs Gus fight and GSP vs Hendricks fights were two of the best title fights in MMA history Phone Post 3.0

If not it's very damn close. Was an exciting year.

makes up for that cunt 2012.

Wand/Stann as well one of the best rounds ever. Phone Post 3.0

shaqitup - 

makes up for that cunt 2012.

Agreed. Did 2012 even happen? What a bore. It was like everything cool had to wait until 2013 to occur.

By the way, I forgot the G. Melendez vs. D. Sanchez fight this year. Another great moment basically forgotten because of everything else in 2013. A year ago this would have been a top 3 moment.

Henderson was put out cold too Phone Post 3.0

A lot of those are really just "fighters getting older."

/\/\/\ Really? Other than Hendo and maybe A. Silva, who are you referring to?

J. Jones, GSP, Weidman, Pettis, Bendo, Melendez, Sanchez & all the top top female MMAers who have come onto the scene are hardly "fighters just getting older."

I've really enjoyed this year. From all the free shows (including Bellator, WSOF, Glory, ect.) to all the aforementioned moments. Best Sport in the World baby!

Machida dropping to 185. Phone Post 3.0

Warriormmd - Henderson was put out cold too Phone Post 3.0

I wasn't too stoked about Hendo going out like that.

MMA Lives Here - Gigantic year. As you point out OP, something as momentous as an injured Pettis starching Bendo in the first has almost been forgotten. Crazy 12 months and could still get a whole lot crazier Phone Post 3.0
Starching? Phone Post 3.0

2007 was pretty crazy.

agreed, a lot of fun fights were sprinkled in everywhere. I thought Chandler and Alvarez 2 was pretty sweet. exciting to see guys like McGregor, Khabib, Amagov, Thatch shine on higher stages Phone Post 3.0

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Warriormmd - Henderson was put out cold too Phone Post 3.0

I wasn't too stoked about Hendo going out like that.

Oh not at all. I'm still bummed about it. But MY GOD @ this new new old Vitor! Phone Post 3.0