2021 judo grand slam Tel Aviv

Day 1 ippons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9qJuWu93Uk

Dau 2 ippons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR0d007VrYY

Days ippons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M70KyqI_l8c

I watched the individual divisions medal matches so I haven't had a chance yet to reviews the top ippons from each day.  Takes a lot of time watching the semi's and medal matches for each division. DIvision  -81k mens the toughest division.  Asians did not compete.  Mostly European/Russian Countries.

Day 1 highlights- 3:45 Front Uchimata, 5:18 Peruvian necktie, 6:38 arm bar bottom guard by the Russian.  Russians specilize in arm bars my guess from their Sambo roots.

Day 2 highlights- 2:18 Hiza-garuma, massive, 2:56 Georgian pickup or uranage, 3:20 top choke, 3:42 arm lock, 4:50 bow/arrow choke, top chokes 8 and 8:10, 8:55 bow/arrow choke.

Day 3,- 6:00 huge urange by the Russian, 6:55 Peruvian necktie choke, 7:35 choke bottom guard, 

Overall this was more hard core judo but it was basic judo in all honesty, probably from the layoff.  Without the Koreans, Japanese , Mongolians  missing some of the precision/grace in the judo. Gold/Silver/Bronze  winners had a minimum of 5 matches, More arm bar/chokes than normal. Not many pins. There were top players in each division. 

60 countries, 418 competitors.


Neil Adams analysis above.