I agree about GSP prolly wrestling Condit because im sure he wont wanna stand with him.
GSP seems so gun-shy still against great strikers after Serra. Phone Post

They put something in the 505 water. Phone Post

Listen to Rush -  They put something in the 505 water. Phone Post

 Homie I'm far away from the 505.

But am currently drinking water, you may be onto something.

Awesome highlight. It reminded me of how damn ugly the Bud Light Lime canvas was.
I like GSP, but NBK is one of my favs. I just hope it's a good fight.

Helluva thread bump, thanks PND!!!

I have zero rooting interest in the fight tonight. I am a huge fan of both Diaz and Condit and know that it's going to be fanfuckingtastic.

K Phone Post

GageIsLegend - 
McCorklemyHero - And the only fight he didn't finish was against Ellenberger who has proven to be a total stud and Condit came back from getting clobbered in the first to come back and win the fight.

Took out uberprospect Rory in Canada
Made Dan Hardy plank upside down in England.
Ended the Stungun hype by leaving him crosseyed in Vegas.
Now it's time to end the boringest title reign in UFC history, surpassing Tim Sylvia's run at HW.
There was Kim hype? Lol from who? <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

People were talking about him as a contender.

Enjoy the main event tonight, hater. First exciting WW title fight in years.

NBK is a sick fighter, I think he would've finished Ellenberger if he had a few more minutes to work.

 jesus christ I'm starting to feel like anything less than Hendo/Shogun is going to be a disappointment tonight