3 days left: OH $HEET

seems like everytime i've gone out to get something for someone else, i wind up buying stuff for me. latest casualty of this phenomena has been a digital camera. (for me)


I've bought myself a whole bunch of shit too!

and on a credit card!!!

Oh Man!!

trick retailers. TRICKY TRICKY BASTARDS!@

Last minute shopping 2day@ pearlridge....BAD IDEA=never again!!

went to go look on line for a gift. wound up buying a thai kick pad. for me. :(

screw the malls. i would rather stay home punch my clown.

I just bought a 2GB mem card for my sidekick and a telephone/LAN wire crimper.  Don't ask for a connection between the two.  Damn CompUSA out of biz sale.

you make your own cables?

i went through at least 200ft of cat5 just to get make 1 that worked.

was fun though.

I am staying away from going shopping at Fighter's Corner with Sub. Whenever I've decided that I've spent enough money, he fricken talks up a storm with the guys there. So what do I do in the meantime? I look around somemore. The next thing I know, I'm buying like 4 extra things.

i'm going to costco soon, cause i have a death by mob fetish. oh man