3 "Fight of the Night" bonuses awarded...

 Stevenson/Diaz was a very good fight and far from one-sided. Stevenson edged out the win by getting the takedowns. Diaz had more sub attempts and finished stronger.

Why don't they just give all fighters a raise

Stevenson/Diaz was awesome.. you do not see grappling in MMA like that.. almost ever

I dont really agree with Lytle-Burns or Stevenson-Diaz getting the bonus.

They were okay fights, Lytle-Burns in that dramatic but caveman stupid way, Stevenson-Diaz in a more methodical but technically sound way. I think FOTN should be awarded to fights that display both of these acumen (decent drama & decent technique), which I think only Guida-Sanchez had.

QueenEstherDidMeDirty - Were the bonuses stil 60k for this show?
The bonuses were 25k.

Last night's fights were great.  Those guys deserve those bonuses.

Should of went to Pearson instead of Diaz fight for sure.

 its cool to see ufc being generous now.

we used to always get threads here asking to pay the fighters more

GenericAmerican - 
ZeroTime - Giving Lytle and Burns a bonus for that fight is a joke. No technique sloppy brawl.

Who gives a shit, it was entertaining and they are obviously trying to award people for putting on the kinds of things they want to see in their shows.

thats the problem, i'd rather see skill and fighters how actually know what theyre doing

RaginRedneck169 - 
Mr4NIK8R - Regardless it is nice to see the UFC step up and reward all that they feel deserve it.

Agreed. Jesus, first people bitch about fighters not making enough, then they bitch when they get bonuses. WTF?

Great points.

Can't complain that they're giving too many bonuses. Nice move.

Seriously. The more Dana spreads the cheddar around, the better. You get 3 mind-blowing fights on one card, fuck it, bonus them all.

The Iron Cup of Joe Son - 
vangor - Stevenson Diaz didn't deserve shit, that was a one sided blanket.


Macedawgg - How about just bumping and guarantying the purses?

Then, you won't see juijitsu and grappling experts resort to "sloppy" kickboxing, in hopes of doubling (or more) the purse they obtain.

The bonus system is better because it encourages action, instead of winning by any means necessary (ie. blanketing your opponent or running away and point fighting). Encouraging action doesn't mean encouraging grapplers to fight standing up like you imply. Grapplers have the Submission of the Night -bonus to aim for and they can also win the Fight of the Night, but this requires the grapplers to make the fight exciting by opening up their game with submission attemps or GNP. Sadly, most grapplers (especially American wrestlers) are content with keeping their "dominant position" and doing nothing with it. A good example is Clay "The Carpet" Guida taking Sanchez down only to get beat by Sanchez on the bottom.

 Actually--in practice it does seem to imply exactly that, and don't take my word for it--listen to what the fighters say themselves.  Chris Lytle has said this repeatedly, and so have others.  Also, if Dana's broadcast comments backstage were any indicatation, the KO bonus was 3 times the submission bonus.