3 more matches for Pride 12/31 !!!

According to several Japanese sites, three more matches have been announced for Pride's New Years show.

1 - Sentoryu (Henry Miller) vs. Makoto Takimoto (former Olympic Gold Medalist - Judo)

Takimoto will scale in around 81 kg. Big weight advantage to Sentoryu.

2 - Giant Silva vs. Choi Mu Bae

3 - Stefan Leko vs. Ikuhisa Minowa

Takimoto's match interests me. Debut fight. I;ll pick him.

Choi Mu Bae can take a beating and come back strong. I'll take him.

Leko has a size advantage in this one. It won't matter once on the ground. Minowa by submission.

These are mildly interesting but compared to the other fights which are all headliner material, these are somewhat lackluster. The Minowa fight could be good.

yeah I must say that the first few matches announced made this card look so incredible, that these fights don't seem like they should be for the same card. It will still be an awesome event, but these matchups don't really excite me.

Im glad Minowa is on the card.


Has any one notice in Pride japanesse people dont do good at all unless they fight another japanesse


Its true

wow some great matches there. Shows once again why PRIDE is so much better than UFC. Six guys that have absolutely no business fighting in a premier MMA show

I know I know there are lots of other great fights on the card and I can't wait to see them but these fights show why overall UFC is the better show. Because every fighter in the Octagon earned their spot and deserve to be there

ok I'll give you the judo guy (even though it could be argued anyone with ZERO MMA fights does not belong in a top MMA show) but 4 of the other 5 are a joke.

especially the K1 fighter who got KO'd by a pro wrasslin judoka. Giant Silva is a joke. Henry Miller is a joke.

Let me say again I know this is an awesome show. There are a ton of great fights on this card I am pissing in my pants waiting to see the Fedor-Nogueira fight. and there are a number of other solid match-ups

I'm just saying overall I GENERALLY prefer UFC for this reason: everyone on the card top to bottom is an established legit MMA fighter and that makes for solid, competitive fights between highly skilled competitors

Well, now throw Yoji Anjoh vs. Ryan Gracie onto the card. This one I really don't understand. Anjoh has been doing strictly Pro Wrestling lately. I don't know about his popularity in Japan, but this one sounds like a mismatch.

Anjoh is reputed to be able to take alot of punishment (see UFC Japan 1 vs. Tank)

I've never liked Ryan Gracie personally, but at least give him a formidable opponent. Tamura or Nakamura would have been better choices than Anjoh.


Chonan has 8 decisions in his 11 fights. Wow!

Stephan Leko - hopefully he won't trip into the rings this time.

Giant Silva - HW Grandprix Top 8.

What a waste of a seemingly good card.

and why oh why are we seeing Sak vs. Silva IV?

I thought Silva was going to fight a Pride heavy or a top lhw.

I would rather see Baroni and/or Lawyer fight any day of the week compared to any of these adds on the Pride card. Heck, I'd rather see Wes Sims... sheesh... get real DSE.

"Most of these recently added fights/fighters belong on Bushido cards."

Agreed. However, this is a Japanese run show, not U.S.

Big ratings here. Takimoto vs. Miller has generated alot of interest, which equates to more buys.

Silva always generates buys. Based on his appearence alone. Japanese fans enjoy watching really physically big fighters, regardless of their overall ability.

And Choi Mu Bae is very popular with the MMA audience in Japan. He's the take extreme punishment "Rocky Balboa" type. His last fight scored big pops in Japan. Although it was not seen on U.S. PPV,(it should have been) it was a classic sloppy brawl. More like a toughman fight, which went over big.

Leko/Minowa is weak on paper, yet Minowa is a showman. He takes whatever risks necessary to win, and trys to win with flair.

Ryan Gracie vs. Yoji Anjoh belongs on a Bushido undercard if anywhere. The only redeeming aspect of that match for the Japanese audience is if Anjoh wins, and that is not likely.

LOL @ The Brazilian sarcasm. Funny thing is, I agree with you bro.


Where are all the good fights?