30 Minute Classes Enough?

So I'm looking to sign my 5 year old daughter up for some martial arts classes. Nothing rough, just something to channel her energy and give her something "fun" to do that she's enjoyed so far.

I've been checking out different martial arts schools in the area and one of the schools I went to is $100 a month and that's for 2 30 minute classes a week.

I've done martial arts for the last 23 years and I can't picture 30 minutes being enough to sufficient to teach 5 year old kids anythings. Especially with several kids in the class.

Maybe it's just me, but every class I've ever been in or taught, ran for 1-2 hours minimum.

Am I crazy or is 30 minutes way too short for a 5 year old to learn anything?

I can understand the attention span, that's always a factor with kids. It's just hard for me to imagine kids learning anything productive in 30 minutes, especially with warm up and stretching.

Its not enough imo.

I was 4 when I started and my classes were 1 hour long a piece and I could go up to 6 days a week. So why they are doing 2 30 minute classes a week dumbfounds me.

i was looking at a school that was the same way.the class for 11 year olds is 45 minutes 2x per week.

i think for the summer without school,homework and the other distractions a 1 hour class would be better.

I want to get her into a school that has at least 3 classes a week that are an hour each. It's pretty sad that the school I'm leaning towards as far as what seems to have discipline and a better class structure is a TKD school (and I don't like TKD).

The school I am at does 30 min classes as well. They used to do 45 min classes, but that was too much for them.

I guess they just want to make their money and not do much work in the process. Which is pretty sad.

It's pretty sad that you think that without knowing. I'm not saying that there are people out there who do that, but that is not the case for the most part. Young children do not have a very long attention span. There are plenty of other things to bash TMA's about.

Yeah, I know. I'm actually going to go watch a couple of their classes before bashing them. I just find it weird.

Judo. Far and away the best martial art to teach a child.

SoulBurn18, Don't give her a false sense of security by having her study TMA's. Even at a young age, you should get her into BJJ or at the very least, Judo.

In my opinion, you should get her into what she likes the most....go around to other places with her; different styles. See which one she likes the most and that is the one she will probably get the most out of....just my .02

30 min is perfect for that age group

I'd love to get her into BJJ or MMA.

A 5 yr old has more energy and endurance than any adult. I wish I was 5 again. 

Called another school today and it's $130 for 2 20 minute classes a week. Aye Carumba.

With 23 years experience you should just teach her, if she likes it, then look into signing her up for a class.

yea dude, why aren't you teaching your kid? curious.

I thought about just teaching her myself. I have a background in Karate, Kempo, BJJ and Muay Thai. The only problem is that I wanted her to have more interaction with kids her own age (or pretty close) and that's something she wouldn't get from doing it with just me.