32 Principles what’s the catch?

Ok I generally think that the Gracie bros make pretty good content. This new 32 principles thing is supposedly free but as I understand it, you are required to sign up for it via email or something similar. Is this just a way to sell you shit? Are they selling your info if anyone knows? Does anyone know if this will actually be worth watching? I don’t mind basic instructionals as long as they are quality. I’m seeing ads for this everywhere but I haven’t seen much chatter about it here yet (probably because I’ve just missed it).

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well, you’ve probably seen it by now, but they offered a look a a few principles in various techniques, then listed the 32. 3 videos to buy now each with 8 principles on them. The first will have the 16 street (tee shirt) chokes.) first time offer a discount to 50? 60bucks?

They’re still teaching the “32 Principles”…?

That’s cute.

I’m currently teaching “33 Principles” with a 34th Principle to drop in September. But, you know, good for them. At least they’re trying.


Today’s webinar thing was a teaser for paid content, but only 8 principles are available now. They’re selling an old instructional (street chokes) with it, all for $59. The next 8 will drop in July I think? Seems like they’re trying to catch up with the booming instructional market by marketing harder.