3rd Mtl Open BJJ Championship

BTT / GAMMA presents it's 3rd Montreal Open, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship. It will take place on Saturday April 30, 2005, at GAMMA, 1121 St Catherine St West, #201, in beautiful downtown Montreal.

Standard BJJ rules will apply - as per usual.

I will post specifics with a pdf of the flier and written rules by the end of the week.

This tournament is getting bigger & better every year with competitors from as far away as Vermont, New York, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Sherbrooke and Quebec City driving in as well as the usual suspects from around here in Montreal. Feed back is that the competition is quite hot and that you have to bring your A-game to have a shot at winning. We will probably have to move to a larger location for next year.

Hope to see all of the regulars as well as some new faces as well.

For information email kenbocan@dsuper.net or call (514) 281-9928


Philip Gelinas & Fabio Holanda

As anyone who has been to the previous tournaments knows, this is the best run tournament around!

Ronin will be there for sure!


Ronin MMA

Awesome! West Island suspects should be as usual :)

TTT for Sled Dog and his tournies!!!

Will send my woman to represent the deadly art of JoeJitsu!


ttt good news!


Mozen by witty repartie, R1, :34


TTT for Rene being the only guy on mma.tv who knows the word repartie!

TTT for Sled Dog's always professional event. I can honestly say that I've never seen a smoother-run tournament!

For the sake of trivia, though, I wonder why it's being billed as the "3rd"? With the exception of 2002, GAMMA has been running annual BJJ gi tourneys since 2000. 2000, 2001, and 2003 were all billed as the "1st". I've got the medals and T-shirts to prove it!

Phil Gelinas truly is a pioneer in bringing world class BJJ to Canada. All props to him and GAMMA.


TTT. What Mike said.

TTT for Mr. Gelinas!!!

What Owenz and Kashk said...

Will there be a ladies' division?

Hulkette SMASH!

Joe "Trainer of Champions"

Grizzly Gym,

The reason for the lack of numbering-up to now-was due

to the fact that I only had direct control for the
last 2 years, (and the others were more than a year
before) making this the "3rd".

Sorry for whatever confusion we caused you.

Yes we are having a women's division. I am not yet
sure about a junior division.

TTT To Gamma

Seniors division???heheheheh

Dan, Ben, Phill, etc.


Ronin MMA

Sled Dog,
Any idea if Francois Flibotte will be participating?
Last time I attended one of your tournies he armlocked me and he'll probably do it again this year.Should be fun though,right?

TTT for more tournaments!!!