4-0-1 for a reason

i just found out pat shultz will not fight me because he doesn't think he can win. he has backed out 3 times and now finally admitted he can't win. but that is a really cheap way to keep an undefeated record and i don't understand that mentality in a fighter.


He still owes me money!

in my eyes to be the best you have to fight the best, if you lose you lose it happens. but you have to at least try hell a fight can go anyway at anytime, just ask tim.....

He is a VERY beatable fighter, and you're not the first fighter that I've heard about him ducking. As long as he sells a shitload of the expensive tickets to his fights though, that's the way it's going to be

Maybe he is like me. He has to pick his fights very carefully. I have to make sure I am in fights that make me look sexier.

hey Eric, email me.


joe you have mail

Seeing how Eric Brown and I are friends again, I'd like to post my thoughts on this (especially since I'm no stranger to posting internet challenges myself).

This is interesting because while I also don't understand that mentality in a fighter (why not test yourself?), ducking fights is done ALL the time in boxing.

I've met guys in boxing who are 12-0, 20-0, 28-0 because they are SMART about picking fights they can win. But in boxing you actually get paid fairly well and that undefeated record makes you more marketable and puts a few more bucks in your pocket.

But when you are in MMA, fighting in night clubs and hotels, you only get paid enough to cover beer and gasoline - even when you are headlining a championship fight!

If Mr. Schultz has an ego problem about fighting Mr. Brown and losing, he should just not invite his friends and then tell everyone that he won. That's just as cheap as ducking the fight in the first place.

(disclaimer: I've got NO problem with people not accepting fights when it is a bad matchup for them - nobody wants to get beat up. But to duck a fight in MMA to keep an undefeated record is pretty lame.)


Schultz is a bad ass, he almost made TUF 3. We all know that everybody who makes the TUF show are the baddest fighters in the world (Eli Joslin, etc.)
Anyways, I would like to see Brown vs. Schultz.
At the next show, Eric should get in the ring, grab the mic and call Pat out on the spot. Then see what happens.

An interview with Eric Brown on

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If you were on the Underground Forums (http://mma.tv) lately, you would have seen a certain local fighter calling out crowd favorite Pat Schultz. I figured this would be a good way to get it out in the open. I talked to Eric Brown to find out a little more about him, and to see what the deal was with Pat.

WHich is why I laugh so hard when casual fans of the sport think that Records are the "end-all" of discussion in ranking a fighter..

What a joke. Newbies will be newbies.

eric has been screwed with repeatedly with this fight including new jersey where pat backed out like two days before and everyone had gone thru alot to get ready for the fight and eric missed a chance to be on ppv and really get out there. BULLSHIT


relefutoro a coward is someone who insults a person he doesnt know anonomously on the internet. Not someone whos fought 4 times.

And as far as the fight in Jersey, isnt that when Shultz had to fly out to Vegas for the TUF3 tryouts? Sounds more important to me.

i am pretty sure the tryouts in vegas were in december. i remember him and randy coming back on dec. 10th. as for jersey i think he was sick or something

lets get this fight on

As much as I liked your new red and black mohawk, Pat has you beat hands down in the hair department.

I'd really like to see this fight. I think it's a tough fight for both guys. Pat has proven as of late that he's not just a stand up guy with his fights with spiegel. Jerry has tight BJJ and he had trouble with Pat.

Eric has better ground and pound than Jerry, and his wrestling may be good enough to make it happen. Pat has knocked out some tough guys though....very interesting fight!

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