4 Jake Paul fights we want to see on Showtime Boxing

Last night, Deadline first broke the news that YouTube star turned prize fighter Jake Paul was no longer an exclusive talent for Triller Fight Club. And that the sometimes actor, and even rapper, was taking his talents to one of the premiere boxing brands in the industry, Showtime.

Check out my picks for who would be good matchups for Jake Paul on Showtime. Agree? Disagree? Got other options? Let’s hear it forum mob.

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Anyone that doesn’t have a 0-0 record. Even those 5-20 type guys that regular young boxers fight would be an improvement.


Had no clue Anderson is fighting JCC Jr

I would watch em all but I don’t think Daniel’s is a big enough name


I would actually prefer to never see the Paul brothers do anything ever again.


Matt Barnes


I don’t want to see any of them

holly holm
chris cyborg
cm punk

eventually he has to fight someone halfway credentialed as a striker


I believe you. But you’ll watch anyways.

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Clarissa Shields. I’m sure she would appreciate the payday. It’s more than womens’ boxing or MMA would ever pay her.


Will watch the replay if he gets fucked up


We? You have a mouse in your pocket?
Fuck the Paul brothers. Seriously.

He has 3 wins… over a youtuber, a basketball player and a wrestler!! This man has not boxed a boxer yet!!! Who cares? Everytime an actual boxer challenges him, he turns it down and talks it away. If you ever want to be taken seriously as a boxer, you have to actually go against a boxer… but I don’t think he wants to be taken seriously. He’s a joke.

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He would get smoked by a club level boxer. I just want to see him get slept. I will stream it so I don’t give that asshole any of my money.

This is the most accurate statement on the whole Jake Paul side-show !


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Maybe Cyborg wants that smoke…