4 - man shootfighting tourny NYC

June 4th, will be the next installment of the Underground Combat League.  NY's only true no-holds-barred competition.  This event will feature 4 - Man shootfighting Rules tourney for the rights to be called NY shootfighting Champion in the 185 - 205lbs division.  winner will recieve a championship belt and the runner up will recieve a medal.  for more information email: JerryMendez@acom-sports.com





info, pics and video from the last event:




If its early on in the evening again like last time, I'll be there for sure.

Look forward to it!

the next card should have the usuall NHB but it will also feature a great shootfighting rules 4-man and someone is gonna win a Title belt.  it'll be good


See if you can organize my original fight with Chris, if not him see if Silk is willing to fight me.

I'm going to start cutting weight for the next couple of weeks but I still think I'll be in the same range.

Let me know.. You have my contact info buddy...

Sorry guys and gals, I had to remove the videos as advised by some of our comrades offline. The venue location being visible could bring problems for our future events, so in the interest of continuity I removed them. They still exist however. You can contact Jerry, and if he approves I can forward it to whomever. Pardon me for this but we have to protect ours.



Call me when you get the chance. I have someone interested in the
shootfight tourney.