4 MMA DVDs for $20 @ Suncoast

So check this out I headed to my local Suncaost over the weekend and they had a sale going on. All the $14.99 DVDs were 2 for 20 (so instead of paying 30 for 2 you only pay 20). Anyways I was looking through the DVDs that they had and I found the Pride GP Opening round and Final Round. They were both $14.99 so because of the special they had going I got them both for 20 bucks. 4 DVDs for 20 bucks!

Anyways I know that the new UFC DVDs come out this week and that they are gonna cost $14.99, so hopefully Suncoast will carry them and I can get both UFC 44 and 45 for 20 bucks.

The special/sale runs all month long, so I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Suncoast is great, the one here has most of the single disc Pride DVD's for $9.99. I've had my eye on those $14.99 2 disc events for some time...maybe it's time I get over there.

Im on my way!


a sale at suncoast usually just means things cost the same as they would in a good store, for a limited time.

i said usually. I was just expressing my general hatred towards Suncoast's ridiculously overpriced ways.

You have had your eye on something that costs 14.99!

All l have to say is hey big spender!

Suncoast has terrible pricing in general.

"You have had your eye on something that costs 14.99!
All l have to say is hey big spender!"

lol naw it was either that or mallrats

"You have had your eye on something that costs 14.99!
All l have to say is hey big spender!"

I guess that did sound cheap LOL.

Suncoast is a little pricey but they prob have the best selection of MMA DVD's and Tapes,im gonna have to check out this sale.


I'll wait and see if the get the new UFC's.

Suncoast is overpriced for everything other than MMA. I remember i had picked up the 8 mile and empire double pack for $20 from costco. They had each movie for $24.99. lol

It is TRUE. I bought Grandprix Pride for 15 and all the others for 10. The reason for this is the MMA section is not selling. So they're just getting rid of what they have! All the other MOVIE DVDs are overprice as usual. Go to BESTBUY or others.

I purchased 4 PRIDE dvd's this weekend from Media Play. Each was $8.99.

LOL @ Silentstryke buying 8 mile! Hey man, I challenge you to a free style battle!!Hahahaha

I'd crush you Tanky.

What's so funny? I liked the end.

Oh, I forgot it's cool to shit on Eminem on MMA.tv.

Media Play has all the Pride and KOTC dvds for 8.99

Boo Hoo...no Media Play here. Have to settle for Suncoast. Actually, I haven't had any problem with them. I buy all my Pride and KOTC DVD's there and their prices have been right friendly. They are just as cheap as FCF with no shipping charges. Plus they will order anything for you for free. You just have to put $5 down on the pre-order.