4 reasons why mma is full of cheaters

  1. Blatant fence grabbing-sooo many crappy fighters with b level wrestling will grab the fence without fear of any penalty. I've watched too many fights where people cheat using this tactic, even the mighty Fedor used it once against Lindland.

    3.Greasing- There ain't nothing you can do about greasing unless you bring back the gi, good luck with that. Hello GSP,Akiyama,Melendez...

    2.Illegal blows to the back of the head-Should be a guaranteed point deduction, but you'll see cheap fighters like kenny florian do it time and time again.

    1.Steroids-All you suckers out there that don't believe that the elite fighters aren't juicing are living in a dream world. Newsflash-they all sauce, they just wait till they cycle off before the drug test. What's up Barnett, Sherk, Randallman, Sylvia,Gracie,Shamrock.

What about an open ring. No ropes no cage. Like some grappling events Ive seen.

A lot of people would have to come up with a whole new game plan.

Epic fail. Terrible list.

4. Fence grabbing shouldn't even be illegal, IMO. If the only way you can score a take down is to press your opponent up against the cage and work forever to get a trip... then too bad. Your opponent should be able to use the cage too. You see GSP get take downs? He does that wherever he wants.
3. Shut up.
2. 99% of 'back of the head shots' are the fault of the person being attacked. There should basically never be a penalty for back of the head shots. Does the phrase 'giving up the back' mean anything to you? This shouldn't be a safe position... yet fighters 'give up the back' knowing they can't get hit. It is lame, and shouldn't be used. If you give up your back, you deserve to get hit in the back of the head.
1. Fine.

Two of those "cheats" are natural and circumstantial reactions that no one sets out to purposely do. Yeah, they're fouls, but not blatantly committed ones.

Bobby Lupo -  I think Brock was the only fighter ever penalized for a single back of the head shot.

ZUFFA was doing their best to protect their poster boy, Mir...

i think mma is full of cheaters because cheating helps win fights.