4 sensible opponent options for an unhappy Luke Rockhold

The issue is that he’s 2 years out of it and did not leave on a high point.

I like the Kevin Holland option as a starting point.


Would be an entertaining fight. Very winnable for Luke if he used his wrestling and top game.

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Luke should take those fights that make sense for him but his thinking that they should all be high profile isn’t feasible.

He could feast on some talent that he knows he could take out and build up a resume and place himself in a spot where he can command some decent pay and have a decent record to back it up.

TheChris Weidman is a fun fight but it does nothing for him the same with Kelvin.

High risk, little reward.


I think some sexy fights for Luke are

Johnny Walker
Darren Till
or maybe Nick Diaz!

those sound legit.