4 UFCs in 1 month..and 2 are FREE!

UFC 74 - August 25th (PPV)

UFC 75 - September 8th (Free on Spike)

UFN 11 - September 19th 9 Free on Spike)

UFC 76 - September 19th - (PPV)

Gotta love it!!

I know man, I am so pumped. I thought 74 and 75 ppv at first till i posted something about it. So cool to have two free shows in a month, nevermind four and two free.

i do.

No kidding, CRE. What is it, 7 weeks in between shows? We've been spoiled, Zuffa. We want UFC NOW!

I like the break. It's an extra $40 in my pocket for once.

All this time off will make the next one that much better... I hope.

I'm getting restless here too. Need my fix.

be throwin fights left and right

the 19th will have 2 ufc's in one day?

yawn I cant wait for shogun/forrest chuck/jardine...

Nope, he screwed up the date. UFC 76's on the 22nd.

ok thanks pollo