40 bucks for UFC?

I thought it was suppossed to be 34.95 for big cards. Whats with the 40 bucks? Next year it will be 60 bucks for a PPV.

Still better than half of the boxing matches that people pay $60 for

Yes but prices are going up and their showing less fights. I don't need to see advertisements for 45 minutes to an hour of the PPV.

more opinions please.

Gracie Hughes may be 55 bucks.

Boxing PPVs are $50.


Wait untill next year. It will be 60 bucks for poopy pants cards. Thank all the people on here that said thay would pay that much for certain fights. Also of course all the new fans that don't know the deal. I wouldn't be as vocal if the fighters were getting paid but only a select few are. Now Zuffa can put on a show and pay much of nothing to the fighters and bill it as a huge card. The Tough show worked great for them.