49ers +10 and +390

this game will be a miserable downpour. 49ers have a good run attack, SEA has shitty run D. Gore torched em for like 220 yards when the 9ers beat em at Candlestick. take the 49ers in this one...

No... Alex Smith will find new and unexpected ways to screw up ;)

And +10? I'll be shocked if there's a total of over 21 points scored combined in this game.

It'll be Frank Gore vs. the entire Seahawks team, and Seahawks aren't that bad.

+10 means SF against the spread. Not over the total by +10. LOL!

Alex Smith does blow... hopefully he doesn't fumble the ball too many times off the snap. He stinks.

I got +11 and a -116 bet on the 49ers team total for the second half 6.5... tell me they can't score one TD in the second half...

they are on the 25 now... 3rd down, 12 in the 4th... HIT ME!!

49ers TD!!!




a true Christmas miracle!

damn, that bootleg was some tasty shit.

+390 monster hit... congrats... I don't think I've ever hit an NFL dawg over +200...

look at smith walk it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lordy....

keep it up this weekend!!!

thanks bro :)

Yeah, I got the +/- confused (I don't do big gambling on sports) - either way, shocking. Color me surprised. Good job on the call.

Any other weekend picks? ;)

the main bets I like right now are Chuck -234 over Tito and USC over Mich. Big Booty will burn that UM secondary like toast, weather permitting (I hope it doesn't rain).

Surfins been around a long time and has always been a good buddy. 

Glad to see him having some success , he deserves it.   Happy Holidays in the SJ household. Now save some money and get ur fag ass down here so we can go Surfin in Jaco.  And so I can show u why wrestling is the dominant  form of MMA, even at my ripe old age of  35. :-)

the funny thing is that the game didn't play out how I expected at all. they were talking about sheets of rain, a messed up turf with water bubbles, and 70 mph winds. so I was counting on Gore to produce against that dogshit Seattle run D. luckily one of my friends put $100 on it for me, because I had no money in any books when the idea hit me after hearing the weather reports.

on a serious note, it would be cool as hell to visit you cats down in CR. I'm also slated to go to Brazil with some friends and try to score some of those gals around April.

merry xmas!

After some of the calls last night, I'm convinced that in the second half of games, Mike Holmgren replaces his play calling sheet with a chinese food menu.

"What should we do on fourth and inches?"
"Bad news Matt, they are out of of sweet and sour pork"
"Alright, I'll just repeat the exact same play that didn't work on third and one"

"Bad news Matt, they are out of of sweet and sour pork"

LOFL!! I think you're probably right.

no, that must be someone else. BJJ is a great art, tho