5 years ago called . . . .

I know, it's an old fight, but I just saw it for the first time.

Coleman / Takada @ Pride 5.

Anyone else think the end was *cough* *cough* *raises eyebrow* *nods* *winks* 'a great comeback'?

NAH, 100% LEGIT!

Capital One called and said I owe them $749

Yeah, I owe them money too. Bought too many Pride tapes.

Coleman got owned plain and simple.............................................

I guess it's just me. I thought Coleman had that fight totally in hand. Maybe he was just playing it a little too safe at the end and got caught.

He'd still beat the shit out of me with one hand.

Galiant fight.

Nobody can submit Coleman except for Minotauro and....TAKADA NOBUHIKO.

coleman said himself on mma radio that the fight was 100 percent legit

PEOPLE!!! It was a WORK!!!! This is common knowledge. This site needs a FAQ !

i believe it was colemans match against nog where bas says that mark is undefeated in pride and Quadros brought up the takada fight and bas responded with something like "o yeah *cough* forgot about that *cough* uhhh.....fight"