50 Escapes - DVD


OK, anything to, um, y'know, SAY about it?

From the creator of the Half and Quarter Guard DVD, Gustavo Machado, in conjunction with Fightlife Productions, has released his latest DVD, Great Escapes and Counters. Along with Mauricio Tinguinha Mariano, Gustavo first demonstrates the submission or the position, immediately followed by a technically sound and detail-oriented escape or counter. Gustavo affords a variety of options for each attack with this DVD showcasing around 50 BJJ (grappling) basics and advanced escapes.

Feature escapes from: Triangle,Brabo choke,lapel chokes,armbars from top and bottom,omoplatas,kimuras from top and bottom half and full guard,americana from top and bottom,ezequiel choke from mounted and half guard,crucifix,guillotine choke,mounted,side control, knee on the belly,back escapes,craddle escapes and much more!


Would anyone who has seen the DVD be willing to comment on it or review it?

If you need more info go to www.gustavomachado.com

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

I see, no reviews or viewer opinions?

It's good like all fight life stuff.  Solid escapes.

I TTT'ed the tread with a lot of opinions on this set when it came out.

TTT www.gustavomachado.com