50% Off + $4.95 Shipping at W-1

 Hey Guys,

I will keep this short and sweet:

1)  50% off sale on nearly all of our products

2)  Flat Rate Shipping of $4.95 for ground shipping.

3)  Sale is only good on our website (not the retail store) and ends on 12/1/11.

4)  When the products are gone, they are gone.  So go righ now to www.warrior-one.com and click on the 50% off banner!


Happy Holidays,


Warrior-One Martial Arts Supply
319 NE 45th Street
Seattle, WA  98105
(206) 697-9003

  added few more items --  ttt

 thanks to all that have placed an order -  appreciate your support.

  few more items added-


last day of the sale!