$5000 Team Tournament NJ Nov. 22

The World Grappling Championships will have a $5000 prize for the winners of the Team Tournament. The weight classes for this competition are 145, 160, 175, 190, and HWT. Teams will be put in a bracket format. If your team wins you advance to the next round to face another team that has won until you have the final 2 teams. Each team will be allowed to enter 8 people in case you want to switch the line-up around or you have an injury. The point system for this tournament is very simple. If your team wins the match by decision, you receive 3 team points. If your team earns a tap out then your team receives 5 team points. Each match will be 7 minutes in length.

There will be individual divisions as well, and the matches won in the team event do not effect the individual divisions and vice versa.


that's great..........but, when's the next NE Grappling Challenge??? :)


$5000.00 prize to the team winner

The same people are running the WGC!

 Wow, Hudson Valley Jiu-Jitsu is there!

Website for the event will be up tommorow!


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