75% of U Geniuses thought Irvin

would get smashed by Houston Alexander. LOL.

Bad match up for Silva. Irvin is one of the most underrated fighters out there. I still think Silva will win, but Irvin is (at least) a top 5 striker at 205 and no one seems to realize it. Plus Silva has too much obligation to the fans (admirable) to pull guard to try for a take down.

Irvin will take him out with his favorite combo, superman punch into flying knee, into flying superman kneepunch

Mike Kyle

Top 5 striker at 205?

I know it's been a couple years, but remember how easy Bonnar took out Irvin?

agreed...he may not be an A level fighter but the guy is dangerous for anyone in the standup 

The difference is... Anderson will last longer than 6 seconds? lol @ you.

Interesting fact: Irvin has the most devastating leg kicks in MMA.

I can't believe I waste seconds of my life reading this thread

 irvin is a very powerful striker. he can stand with anyone in the division and have at the very least a punchers chance

OK we have all seen how Silva punks around Franklin and others with his thai clinch and strength. Do you really thin he will do that to James. No. If he stands to long James will shock the MMA world. Time for the spider to use his "Blackbelt" lol, in BJJ. But his ground is much better than James and thats were he will win if he does. Striking with one of the hardest hitters at 205 when your coming up 20 lbs is a recipe for an upset.

When in the world did Irvin become such an elite striker?

Luis Cane outstruck Irvin and made him fake a TKO.

top 5?

Not very excited about him facing Irvin. Would rather see him defned against Okami. Now what does Okami do?

 I'm still going with anderson on this one

Irvin should make it an interesting fight for about as long as Franklin/Henderson did, but I'm not expecting much more than that.  Silva will eventually pick him apart and TKO/sub him.

NorthFromHere - Luis Cane outstruck Irvin and made him fake a TKO.

Irvin outstruck Thiago Silva, who many fans try to rate as a Top 5-10 LHW.

No offense, but Irvin has never impressed me. He looked horrible the first time I saw him in the UFC against Terry Martin. His ground game was horrible. He has good knees but Silva will eat him up.

Irvin has a ton of power but not a ton of skill.

Didn't Irvin after his last win say that he was fighting with some bad knee injury or something in his early fights?