7th Degree BJJ Black Belt Camp

Cirval Justino da Silva will be holding a training camp in Fort Wayne, Indiana July 16-21. Cirval is founder of Club Condor of Sao Goncoalo, Rio de Janiero, Brazil. This is his first trip to the USA. He is a council member of the RJ's state league of Jiu Jitsu.(Liga Estadual Rio de Janiero Jiu Jitsu, LERJJI) VP of Coaching for LLERGI, and Director of Coaching for Liga Brasiliera (Brazilian League of Jiu Jitsu).

Among his accomplishments are his 7th degree Black and Red Belt, in the year 2001 he had 3 Black Belt Liga Brasilera Black Belt champions (Ronaldo Viegas, Claudio Domingos, Jair Orru). His students have gone on to form Academies in Europe, Benevento Jose Antumes was a European Black belt Champion in 2005. Ronaldo Viegas(who will be at the camp) finished 2nd in the CBJJO World Championships 2003 in Black Belt heavyweight master division. Another of his students who will be coming is Matteus Ritter, who at 16 has won the Brazilian League Titile for his, age, weight, and belt 4 times.

Of course if you want to check on this, you can do a google search for LERJJI and enter the site, there click on entrar and SUCOME and you will see he is a member of the very prestigious ruling council of LERJJI amd alsos see his belt rank and if you click Diretoria you will see his is VP of coaching. (I think google also has an auto-translator for those who don't speak Portuguese :)If you check of Federacao de Jiu Jitsu Rio de Janiero's site you can also see his is listed as a 7th degree Black and Red Belt there. Of course if you contact me I can furnish you with a lot more ionformation and documentation.

The camp will hold 3 sessions a day M-F at the ridiculously low price of $225 pre-registered, $200 per person groups of four or more pre-registered. ($250 at the door) Dorm space available for $10 a night per person. (dorm includes space to sleep, shower, and group kitchen) The number of gi and no gi sessions will be determined by pre-registrants survey. If interested and want to pre-register or just want more info contact me at 260.423.1786 David or email me at daveelpeligroso@yahoo.com If your interested in having him do a seminar at your academy,dojo,school he is available July 14,15 or July 22-30 again same contact info. This is a great opportunity to train 3 times a day for a week with a council member of LERJJI (layman's terms the council is the ones who make the rules for the state Jiu Jitsu association and grant the degrees of black belt past first degree) for what amounts to the cost of two half day seminars. Don't let the accomplishments fool you though, he is a very relaxed and humble guy, I never knew about his accomplishments until I asked.


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