8 Man match ups for Mind Body Soul

Here are the first match ups for the Absolute matches this Sat June 30th.

Heavy weight

Tim Hague (Let's Roll) vs Darrel Archibald (Gracie Barra Calgary)

A J Scales (CMAF/Nova Uniao) vs Luke Harris (?)

Adriano Bernardo (Murray Sholty) vs Danny Valimaki (Arashi Do)

Still waiting on a confirmation... if anyone is interested being an alternate let me know.

Light weight

Matt Leo (Revolution) vs Josh Russell (Gracie Barra Calgary)

Alex Roque (BJJ Fight Club) vs Darren Schritt (Murray Sholty)

Brad Cardinal (BDB) vs Chris Ade (Arashi Do)

I still need two more entries... if you are interested let me know.

I am trying to line up a superfight as well... it'll be crazy.

Hope to see ya all out there.

Mike Yackulic


I will wrestle myself in a no love lost grudge match.

I heard I have an injured left ankle and I'm going to go after it with everything I have.

And you know what? I won't even tap...I'm crazy.

Mike Y deserves a big hug from everyone for putting on this event. Getting paid, or having a chance at least to get paid for to grapple is.....well....totally dope.

Could you do me a favor though Mike, and just put down that I'm representing the Revolution Fight Team. Thanks.


Of course man!

still need two light weights and a heavy weight.



Haha Mike if need be as a last call kinda thing if want I can fill a spot for that tourney.

couple interesting guys threw their names in.

Waiting on confirmation.

Should be cool.

I wanted to have a super fight between Marcus Hicks and Victor Valimaki but Marcus has pins in his hands now... maybe the next one.

Wouldn't be much of a SUPER FIGHT. Victor would destroy him.

Awww shit, that woulda been awesome!!

oh now it's even more interesting.

Tim Hague and Adriano Bernardo in the same absolute division. :D

Yeah it should be fun!!