8 man one-night tourney, who takes it?

155lbs. First round.


Bracket one:

- Conor McGregor (21-3) vs Cody Garbrandt (11-0)

- Dominick Cruz (22-2) vs Nate Diaz (19-11)


Bracket two:

- Tony Ferguson (22-3) vs Donald Cerrone (32-7)

- Khabib Nurmagomedov (24-0) vs Jose Aldo (26-2) 


One fighter makes it through each bracket into the final.

Bracket one:

- *Conor McGregor* (21-3) def. Cody Garbrandt (11-0) (TKO)

- *Dominick Cruz* (22-2) def. Nate Diaz (19-11) (UD)


Bracket two:

- *Tony Ferguson* (22-3) def. Donald Cerrone (32-7) (TKO)

- *Jose Aldo* (26-2) def. Khabib Nurmagomedov (24-0) (SD)


Round 2:

*Dominick Cruz* def. Conor McGregor (UD)

*Jose Aldo* def. Tony Ferguson (TKO)




*Dominick Cruz* def. Jose Aldo (SD)


Khabib over Nate in the final.


Open weight? Assuming they fight like heir current weight... so Cowbiynus fighting like the 170lb Cowboy, not the 155lb Cowboy.

One night tourney so cardio is a huge factor.


Conor over Garbrandt KO 2nd

Diaz over Cruz sub 1st

Cowboy over Ferguson TKO 3rd

Khabib over Aldo un dec



Diaz over Conor dec (cardio)

Khabib over Cowboy split dec



Diaz over Khabib TKO 2nd round.


The bottom bracket is so much stronger then the top.




khabib doesnt make make it out of the 2nd fight. Hear me out.  While his wrestling is very impressive, that grinding ass kicking/flying style is extremely tiresome.  


How i.e. many rounds is each fight? 

No-one wants to fight Khabib or Romero, even Woodley said he'd skip them if ever offered them fights. Khabib takes this easily.