90k+ fans at MMA event in Qatar in Feb

Dude here is claiming 90,000+ for attendance and 50M PPV sales, yep 50M PPV sales.

Also claim to be doing a big Superbowl like halftime show.

For some reason they call the tournaments they are doing “eliminators” for whatever reason.

Anyway, Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall and a couple other strongmen are fighting one another in a 4-man tournament and supposedly some actual MMA fighters will be on the card.

Their youtube channel, Finishers Championship has all of three subscribers at the moment and claims to be the Rolls Royce of the fighting industry. That is a new one.


Apparently they love the term “eliminator”. Unfinished business, 12 match eliminators, celebs and royalty, oh my.







4 Subscribers now they are growing fast!

$300 Million USD? This looks like the MMA version of Fyre fest but they may actually have the money over there


The dude at the end said on top of the 90k fans in attendance and 50M PPV buys they will have 1.35 Billion with a B social media followers, quite ambitious given the 4 subscribers to their youtube channel. This is hilarious.

Who told him to call tournaments eliminators, even though he sounds Australian it seems English is still his first language. You figure he would know his “eliminators” are called tournaments if he is the front man behind a group putting on the biggest combat sports even in human history.

Guess this is why Shaw said he has a MMA opportunity on the table.

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Mitchel Hooper said the strongman tournament is gonna be “Bellator rules” because they are allowed to drop each other on their heads. Three rounds, two minute rounds for the strongmen fights.

Imagine Brock saying, yeah I want a piece of this,
Then destroying them…

All these strongmen are very good friends, no bad blood etc, and no formal training…
This will suck


Can it suck worse than the Finishers Championship youtube channel that has all of nine subscribers?

Can it suck worse than the “promoter” talking about doing fifty million PPV buys for these “eliminators”?

Can it suck worse than their website with no links and a couple bullet points in all caps?

Time will tell, call me amused. Stuff like this is always hilarious.

Ok that original video now has 695 views and they have 27 subscribers to the channel.

Imagine having 27 subscribers in November and turning around and doing 50M PPV buys in March.

I can’t wait for these fantastic eliminators.

Just when you thought you have seen it all in MMA… Finishers Championship comes along.

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28 subs on YouTube and one vid promoting the event with 732 views :joy:

90,000 arabs?

Disgusted Paris Hilton GIF

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I’m sure that they’ll allow juicing and encourage it. Yes, would be amazing to see Brock.

That’s the first time “royalty” has been advertised as being guests haha!

Brock Lesnar Reaction GIF by WWE

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I clicked on first video and youtube said it wasn’t available

Qatar wants MMA it seems…

They gats the money

Perhaps the vid got so many millions upon millions of views it broke youtube. Yeah I don’t know, their website is gone too.

Finishers Championship it was called. Lets see if they pop back up, can’t image they sell their 50M PPV’s without a functioning website.

1.35 billion social media followers incoming.

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