9pm EST tonight Also Bellator on Showtime

Where the Fuck are the day-of stickies for these major televised events? Keep this up for the guys like me who can’t keep track of all of the events and used to rely of this site for day-of stickies.

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Kirik you need to hire Hong Kong Phooey.

Jason Burgos is dropping the ball.

Are they streaming the mains on YouTube or anywhere other than showtime ?

Sorenson by split decision.

this is a good fight. Finally some skilled fighters.

and they’re gassed

I don’t believe they are on anything but Showtime.

A 6’6” middleweight and the corner is telling him to stay low.

seriously might as well tell him to fight with his hands down

OMG pull down on the back of his head

I can’t fucking believe he couldn’t finish that triangle.

To The Top

Lol. He fucked it up again.

B level corner advice.

LOL. What a robbery.

B level judging

wowww holy fucking robbery

This will look like a couple gorillas going at each other for a minute.

that was to easy.