A Beautiful Fight

We have all seen Paulo Filho come into a fight and not be focused. And we have all seen Paulo come into a fight and not be in shape. But when Paulo comes in and he is focused and he is in shape......it's just plain BEAUTIFUL!

I thought it was really ugly. He got abused on the feet and Melvin put up less resistance off his back than a Bubba grappling dummy. He did a great job weathering the storm though.

Melvin smokes everyone standing

 Lots of people said Paulo would quit when he got hit by Manhoef and wouldn't fight through adversity.

Paulo proved them wrong.

Welcome back Paulo.

To stand with Manhoef and weather the storm, shows everyone what Paulo can do when he comes in prepared. I think even tho it took a little longer than he wanted, he was really patient and let the fight come to him.

But I think the real winners of that fight were the FANS. The fans always win whenever you have TWO fighters come in and try to FINISH their opponent.

I was impressed with how Paulo weathered the storm from Manhoef. Hopefully he has his head straight now and will make a comeback.

He looked like ass until the takedown. WTF fight were you guys watching?

 he ate some mean strikes b4 winning

fun fight

ranier wolfcastle -  he ate some mean strikes b4 winning

fun fight

Exactly. Very cool fight and what made it awesome was to see someone get dominated, almost stopped/KOed, and yet pull out the submission regardless. To call getting your ass beat and almost KOed simply beautiful and a display of being in great shape and focused is absurd. To say that the takedown into the mount and subsequent armbar was a thing of beauty would be accurate.


Filho and Melvin are both a couple of guys that generally piss me off because they could have the fighting world @their feet if they got their shit together.

I could NOT agreemore with Mr. Voorhees....

If Filho would really get serious about it, and if Manhoef would only start getting a bit of ground work in....I don't see ANYONE hanging with them.....not even Mr. Anderson Silva!!