A cossack managed by his mom to fight at M-1 event

Sorry for Google translation!


On the eve of the tournament M-1 Challenge 54 & ACB 12 neck injury suffered Ilya Doderkina, a matter of urgency to replace him in the battle against Alexei Kunchenko will soldier on the Terek Cossack troops - Gregory Kichigin (Stavropol Territory), 5-2
Three brothers Kichigin - Victor, Gregory and George for two years perform at various tournaments in mixed martial arts, and their permanent manager and the seconds is their mother, deducing their sons to fighting under the dashing Cossack song and dance with whips. Gregory, nicknamed the "Crusader" is the champion of the Stavropol region on the army fighting in mixed martial arts tournaments played ACB, Hold, Tech Krep and Allash Pride. This year spent 4 match and all four won a landslide victory. Now he will have the most serious fight of his career, but Gregory agreed to it in just three days before boya.??

Their mother makes them dance with whips? Wtf?? Phone Post 3.0

victorpoprock - Their mother makes them dance with whips? Wtf?? Phone Post 3.0
OP apologised for google translate. Personally I think it made the story better. Would like to know more of this whip dance though Phone Post 3.0