A couple of my matches from this weekend

my quarter and semi-finals matches from this weekends Oregon Open BJJ Tourney.


Ryan, I was so impressed with your skill level and that of your opponents. Your top pressure game won in the end. And the way you handled the guy on your back in the quarters showed your compmetition experience and understanding of the BJJ game. Judo throwing skills are negated somewhat with the bent over posture. What happened in the finals? Congrats and post more videos of your matches.

Judobackbelt: Thanks for the kind words, with the posture difference I really wanted to limit my risk and use my wrestling experience (which I havent relied on for a while and clearly needs to be resharpened.) to stop takedown attempts and maybe set up some singles and High crotches. I lost to a really tough guy in the finals named Ron Okada (Ralph Gracie San Fran) via collar choke about 4 minutes in. I will be posting that video soon too.

Not sure why he needs to train wrestling to hold the top position. I thought his top control teckniques/postioning were very good. Any specifics? His opponents had very little top game when they couldn't score when you were in bottom guard (once). They had very good bottom guard. All were relatively equaled skilled.

Im the one with the blue belt, Im totally good with constructive criticism. I wouldnt post someone elses semifinal match though ;)

Please rememeber to post your finals match where you lost by choke. The grappling is very good and skilled. The guy wearing the Orange belt is his opponent in the quarter finals. The orange/colored belt is worn by one competitor so the ref can get the scoring of points assigned to the correct fighter. The ref wears a colored wrist ban so when he signals points to the score table they record the correct fighter. In the second match the opponent didn't wear the colored belt because he had on a blue gi and this designated him as the "colored' belt.

ttt for the video!