a couple signed PRIDE posters F/S

I need to try and make a little extra cash for the holidays...dont want to get rid of all of these. But will part with 1 or maybe 2 if anyone is interseted.

signed by Cyborg (the man version)

signed by Erikson (the big cat version)

signed by Werdum (the i beat Fedor version)

also have this LA Sub X poster I would maybe sell..

How much for the pride 29? Email me at bs2647@gmail Phone Post

im wondering about a pride 29 price too

 also wondering about the 29

the erikson and cyborg one's are b3 just so you guys know

Can't figure out how to pm all of you from the mobile ug.

Send me an email to mdenny13@gmail Phone Post

Also considering trade/cash offers Phone Post


gona post a couple of these these up on the ebay soon probably

special prices for u guys before i post them tomorrow on ebay

PRIDE 29 B3 "Sharks" (signed by Erikson)125 dlvd
PRIDE 31 B3 (signed by Werdum) 100 dlvd
PRIDE B3 (signed by Cyborg) 125 dlvd
LA Sub X (signed by card) 175 dlvd)
DREAM 13 (B2), DREAM 9 (B3), and Pancrase Shining Tour (B3) 3 poster lot 100 dlvd
IFL Championship Poster (signed by card) 75 dlvd
PRIDE Bushido "Japs in Times Square" B2 200 DLVD