A fact about Ricardo Arona....

The man has not fought in an MMA match since April of 2007.

Two years, two months, and counting....

When is this guy coming back? If he comes back, where will he fight?

IrishFighter110 -  the juice has left the building. he will be back. putting folks on their back fro 15 mins.

have you ever seen him taking steroids?

Arona is an exciting fighter to watch. The sport is sort of passing him by though...in the past 2 years, MMA has gotten very big and you would think that the Brazilian tiger would want to be around to make some money in the sport. I'm sure that PRIDE set him up nicely, but I think that he'd do very well in the UFC...

 i have enjoyed his absence

How do these guys support themselves without fighting for 2 years?

Arona will always be one of my favs

one of the most positional dominant guys ever