a few months ago there was a thread about software

i spent the last few hours going page by page through the many many pages...

someone had posted a thread about what kind of software you use for your gym at the front desk. I am drawing a complete blank at the name of the thread...as well as the name of the software...

can I get a helping hand anyone?

search in thread "members solutions"

no longer in my subscriptions, but i posted to it

hi OP.

i remember the thread, but can't find it either.

but ... here is my software: http://gymdatabase.com.au/

cjjscout searched a bunch more today...still couldn't find it...

Rodney Ellis thank you...I'll check this one too!

Used this at GB. Pretty good.

https://www.championsway.com Phone Post 3.0

thank you tsom!!!!

FYI, you can search via google and usually find stuff on here, here was my query:
"site:www.mixedmartialarts.com software bjjground"

This was probably what you were looking for:

Also this one:

And this:

thanks for all the help joe_mama...

never thought about google search...

also checked out www.mindbody.online

seems simple.