A great event with good people!!!


sheesh.......... remembered I had Ripway photo hosting :-)

By the title, I swore you were talking about Kimbo/Gannon.

heh heh............ how else was I gonna get anyone to look at this thread?? LOL

*ducks so orcus shoe doesn't hit me*

Wish I could attend that...good luck with the event.

anotherbrother- you can always donate to paypal for the St. Jude Childrens Hospital through RobertEMrotek2@aol.com

Anyone who donates to paypal for the St. Jude Hospital through RobertEMrotek2@aol.com receives a free tshirt from Ruckus Fight Wear.

will do that...

thanks bro

any donation helps

Wade Rome looks alot like Wade Shipp


RyanJ- Thanks for the big donation bro. Shirt is on the way





ttt for an excellent event


They need to do something like that in the NewEngland area of the country.