a Herb Deanage

In the Arlovski fight Herb tries to stand them up, gets back talk from the fighter and hears Randy Couture say lettum go.... so he changes his mind via peer pressure. Hence Arlovski getting the punch in. THEN when Arlovskis layin bombs hes holding the fence for every punch thrown and Herbs out to lunch on it. Arlovski got the win thanks to Herb.

lol Nice take on things, buddy. What I saw was Cruz going to lunch because he failed to "protect himself at all times".

I agree. I don't know about the non-standup, but Arlovski was holding the fence and hitting PDP in the back of the head. I was rooting for Arlovski, but that was a crappy way to end the fight. I'm amazed that the commentators didn't pick up on it.


And then he stood by and watched while AA grab the fence while throwing the right/


yup watch the replay from the overhead camera

"AA sucker punched the fuck out of Pede Pano...nuff said! "

Give me a break man! Herb got flack from Cruz and Randy and said fine, he grabbed both of them and said "fight" let them go and Andre waited a good 2 seconds before unloading and pretty much KO'ing Cruz from his freaking back! I'll fault Herb for changing his mind about the stand up but come on, its not like Cruz had the advantage on his feet. Wake up, Cruz lost, Arlovski will go back to creating human highlight reels and all will be good in the universe.

Work what? Dean restarted them in the same damn position, he said "fight", backed up and Cruz just stood there waiting to make a move, Andre moved first and damn near took his head off. Its not like Andre was allowed to restart in a sitting position or anything, he didn't move! How is that an unfair advantage?

PDP had the same "very good position to work something" that Mir had when he got punished by Freeman. Sport JJ bad habits strike again. If you cant sink that damn kneebar and the opponent has jammed your attempt, disengage, flow to something else. Or eat shots. Nothing more complicated than that to blame for PDP losing.

PDP was the one bitching that he wanted to stay down. Be careful what
you aask for.

"I'll fault Herb for changing his mind about the stand up but come on, its not like Cruz had the advantage on his feet."

You have KOed the correct 2 seconds after the restart.

It's obvious that Herb's intention was to deduct a point from AA and stand them back up but PDP was insisting it continued so... Herb let it go. Maybe he shouldnt have, but there was at least 2 whole seconds before the punch. AA was clearly grabbing the fence though.