Today is a hard day for the outkastfightgear family.My partners oldest boy River (he is 6) is going in for brain surgery.All I ask is for every body to help out a little and bow your head and pray after you read this, for my little bro.With this I know everything is going to go for the best.Thanks for your prayers.OUTKASTFIGHTGEAR.COM

Goodluck and i will definitly pray for him.

My prayers are with River and his family...

good luck, man

ill pray for him

Humongous prayer sent. I will be thinking of him all day, let us know when his surgery is over. :)

Best of luck for the little guy.

Prayers sent. Hope everything works out.

my prayers are with him


Best wishes!

My prayers are sent. Hope everything goes well and he has a speedy recovery. 6 years is so young.


my prayers are with you I hope all gose well


Offering a prayer right now.

Hopes and prayers for a successful outcome....

prayers for a quick recovery

My sister had brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor about 1 1/2 years ago...She has recovered and is thus far cancer-free...modern medicine is amazing.

Prayers sent for a similar result for the little boy.

My prayers are with him and his family for sure.

my prayers are with him.

He has my prayers.