"A more guaranteed win"

I wish Karo woul have just fought Fitch because I think now he drops off and there is no way he gets back into the top 5. He will lose to Diego, Kos, Hughes, Fitch, Alves, GSP, hell I would throw Dustin Hazelett in there as well (might be a stretch). So much for holding out for the title shot.

i knew alves would upset karo as soon as the fight was signed. karo is good but he's just not on the level the top tier WW's, including a fighter like alves.

It is good to see Alves make a name for himself off of Karo though.

I'm glad to see Karo work so hard to get a title shot and then lose it all. Alves is no stepping stone.

 Alves has some good striking!  Hated to see Karo lose and drop down again though but that's MMA!

Hazelett has to get past Burkman, and Josh has only lost to Fitch, Karo, and Swick (close decision)

 Alves was a terrible matchup for Karo.  As soon as he opened up the fight was over.  I knew it was going to end that way as soon as I heard about this fight.

Hazelett will get past Burkman.

The WW div is getting crowded at the top.

I'm sure there are more out there like me that loved seeing Karo take the "guaranteed win" not fighting Fitch only to get stopped by Alves.

IMO he was not in line for a title shot. He earned it when the division was paper thin, I mena he beat Serra in a #1 contender match. Since then he has finished 1 fight and LOST to Diego yet still complained that he didn't get his title shot.