a Ridd***ulous comeback?

Boxingtalk.net is reporting that Bowe failed a battery of tests that indicated impaired cognitive functioning prior to his prison stint. These are part of the court record in his trial, and can be considered independently IMO from the actual defense.
I am not a physician and by no means an expert on cognitive functioning, I do know however that people can have soft signs of brain damage but still pass an MRI (which he did recently).

He came back last fall in a nontelevised fight against a very limited opponent. I saw clips of that fight, and it had me thinking he was not ready for Al Lewis let alone Lennox Lewis.

Now he doesnt show up at the weigh in because he is still in LA. The press is waiting for him, and I am guessing that he is not close to respectable condition. Reports had him coming in around the 270 mark.

It has been over six months since his first comeback bout, why is he still so grossly out of shape?

How did he get licensed without having to take similar tests to the ones they administered during his trial proceedings to PROVE beyond a doubt that he does not have any brain damage?

I like Bowe and want him to do well, but IMO if the athletic commission and Goosen are turning a blind eye to what happened on those tests and letting him come in so out of shape it is riddickulous!

I mean that he didnt show yesterday at the weigh in. They probably wanted to hide his girth from the writers, or he would have been ripped in the press.

chris rose last night on the bdssp said bowe was 290, which goosen,who promotes the fight, didn't question at all

so did either of you really think Bowe was gonna have a good comeback?

no, i'd figure he'd feast on marcus rhode type characters, pad his record and get ranked. don king would realize he was now ranked and get him a title fight. i look for bowe to get a chance at the winner of golata/brewster if he does get a shot.

and no it will not suprise me to hear 3 days after the brewster/golata fight that bowe is now the next opponent for the winner.

golatta/bowe 3 would be nice, if golatta can keep it together this time and get the W he always deserved

Bowe stated his weight does not matter because there is no weight limit fighting as a heavyweight. Bowe was a good fighter that had the potential of becoming a great fighter. He never got a chance to reach his fullest potential because of his own limitations.

Billy Zumbrum almost beat him and from most accounts Billy should have got the win.

imo, he would've had bowe out of there at the end of the 5th if it had been 10 seconds longer. bowe looked like a danged bobblehead doll.

btw, i had zumbrun winning 95-93

Bowe looked really slow and lethargic tonight. Hang em up Riddick!

I thought Riddick did enough to win.

If he can get down to the 250s for his next fight, that would be a good step. He definitely needs more work before stepping up in class.

I still wonder why the commission did not ask him to explain the failed tests.

While fat and lethargic tonight, I think an in-shape Bowe could potentially make some noise in the heavyweight division, seeing how it's currently full of dorks.